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 Black Ops 2 Create A Class Update!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Black Ops 2 Create A Class Update!!!!!!   Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:42 pm

On June 6th, several members of the media were granted access to Black Ops 2′s brand new multiplayer are were kept under a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and were not allowed to discuss anything they saw. Appearently 2 people didn’t get the memo.. You remember a couple days ago when a member of IGN posted 2 photos (new MP H.U.D. and player list) over Instagram which were removed a few minutes later..

Now according to MP1st, a member from Shacknews, Garnet Lee (who was invited to the MP play session), uploaded a podcast which REVEALED massive changes made to Black Op 2 multiplayer. The podcast has now been edited and re-uploaded and all the details have been removed.

Create-A-Class 3.0:

-10 point allocation system replaces primary/secondary/grenades slot system Guns, attachments, equipment, perks take up allocation points.
*ex.) you could have 2 primary weapons which would use most of your points and only have 1 perk.
-Taken out “slot system”.
-Option to start with no weapons, load up on perks and equipment.
-You start out with 10 choices/options per class.
-New wager match variations.
*ex.) EMP: “Massive free-for-all where everyone is in a drone.”

if this link works goto 1430 in the time to hear the guy talk bout the create a class system
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Black Ops 2 Create A Class Update!!!!!!
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