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 Possible updates

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Drath420 iO
Drath420 iO

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PostSubject: Possible updates   Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:40 pm

Community Playlist Updates:
-Desert eagles in One in the chamber and All or nothing
-Change infected weapons
-AoN & OIC separated from gun game
-Add community playlist leaderboards (aon, infected, dropzone)

Weapons Complaints:
-Guns like the M16, Model 1887, PM9, and the MP5 need more love.
-Riot Shield:
--Does not have master and veteran challenges to carry over prestiges
--The hit deflection for the shield, especially on the back.

-Final Stand give the player putting the player in final stand the full kill? (if a teammate finished the second chance player off).
-Remake shipment/rust for Face Off
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Possible updates
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